John’s Story

John is a quiet 14-year-old boy with severe dislocation of the knees. He was born with it.

If you look at John’s eyes, you can see the pain he’s lived with throughout his childhood.

The physical joint pain that shoots through his legs with each step and the heart pain caused by years of neighbours staring and pointing, of “friends” mocking and avoiding. 14 years of being made to feel unwelcome in his own community.

John’s father took him to a local government hospital for corrective care but the cost they quoted him was way too high. There was no way this dad could afford his son’s care. He already struggled to put food on the table for his family.

“The kids at his school would kick his rod out and he would fall to the ground. The kids would laugh.” – John’s dad

“We didn’t seek treatment anywhere else. I couldn’t afford it, so I left everything to God. I left it in God’s hands.”

“I was very ashamed. People were asking, ‘Why haven’t you got your son help yet?’ It was hard for John as well. The kids at his school would kick his rod out and he would fall to the ground. The kids would laugh.”

Then John’s dad heard about an outreach clinic from Hope and Healing International’s partner. He brought his son to the clinic, and they told him John needed an operation. John’s dad still didn’t have money for treatment, but there was good news – a Hope and Healing supporter would pay for John’s surgery!

Everything went smoothly at the hospital, and you could already see that John’s legs looked different than before. His dad said, “I will go to church and give my testimony to everyone about what God has done for my son.”

John still has a long road of healing, braces and physiotherapy, but he’s well on his way to walking without pain!


Kids like John demonstrate so much courage and hope through difficult healing journeys. And together with Hope and Healing, you give these beautiful children the practical love they need. Through your care, you tell them that you believe in them – in their value and their potential.

“When I grow up, I want to be a doctor so I can help kids that look like me.” – John