Kids First

Kids First

No child turned away

Right now, children in Malawi are crying in pain as raw sores form on their twisted feet. They are laughed at and pushed aside by neighbours. They are unable to limp their way to school. And yet, the woefully inadequate orthopaedic services currently available in the country are tapped out. So these kids spend their lives in pain.  

You and I both know, this is not what God wants for these beautiful kids. This is not the abundant life Jesus came to bring to all of us – to all children. 

You can increase orthopaedic capacity in Malawi through a children’s ward, community outreach and surgical training… you can make sure no child is turned away. 

The Plan for Kids Like Mike:
No Child Turned Away

Mike’s Story

Right now, Mike is a little boy full of spirit and confidence. He plays hide and seek behind his door curtain and laughs as he tosses a ball to his friend, Killy. But when you look at what Mike’s up against, you can’t help but worry. Deep poverty, food insecurity, no medical care, little resources. As this four year old grows – as the pain and progressive muscle damage cramp up his young body… as he’s slowly poisoned by negative messages about disability… as assumptions become self-fulfilling prophecies about all he can’t do… what happens to Mike’s spirit then?  

Together with you, we can make sure kids like Mike get the medical care they need to stop their pain and keep the spark of hope alive in their hearts. You can make sure that Mike isn’t turned away – that he gets medical treatment and has the care he desperately needs and has a fighting chance to escape poverty. 

You Can Help Thousands of Kids Like Mike 

The Long-Term Plan: Train national surgical staff 

By training Malawian surgeons, theatre nurses, you are changing the future of orthopaedic care in the entire country. 

The Short-Term Plan: Give 2,956 kids orthopaedic care

By funding 700 additional surgery days for kids over the next two years, you will be giving 2,956 children the orthopaedic care they desperately need.