Lorna Dueck


Lorna Dueck – founder of Context TV, retired CEO of Crossroads Christian Communications and YES TV, and Hope and Healing International board member – shares why she and her husband Vern included Hope and Healing in their Wills.

“Coming to Haiti, I’ve seen another dimension of Hope and Healing’s work caring for the most vulnerable people – people with disabilities.

I’m convinced now more than ever that my husband, Vern and I were right to include Hope and Healing in our Wills,” Lorna Dueck said, while visiting one of Hope and Healing’s referral centres in post-earthquake Port au Prince, Haiti.

Lorna saw first-hand Hope and Healing’s work with children who had lost limbs in the earthquake – seeing them undergo exercises and rehabilitation, being given assistive devices – showing them the care and love they needed to prevent long-term disability.

I saw the hope and joy a gift to Hope and Healing International in my Will could bring.


Lorna also visited children struggling with disabilities at a Hope and Healing run daycare… a place for kids to be kids in a nation full of hardship.

“Visiting Hope and Healing daycares in Haiti,” Lorna said, “is the first place I saw in this disaster where children were able to laugh. I’m so glad I can be part of this work.”

You can join Lorna Dueck and remember Hope and Healing International with your own legacy of love. It’s easy to arrange and our friendly staff would be pleased to help you. Your future gift will make a world of difference to children and families living in poverty with disabilities.
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