Seeing Themselves as Jesus Does

Zamu’s Resilience

Ten-year-old Zamu was one of the first kids to graduate from our resilience program. What did she learn? “I learned about negative self-talk, to understand negative attitudes and do away with them… I love my body!” 

We shared this with our partner hospital CEO, and he looked at us in shock. “She said this? I don’t think you understand. For a child with clubfoot to say this, especially a girl… that’s unheard of.”  

This is thanks to your support of the resilience pilot. And it’s why we need to push these resilience principles out to more kids all across Africa. So kids with disabilities can see and live the beauty God has placed inside of them.

Ubongo Kids uses wonderfully skilled Tanzanian talent and child-centred design to reach 18 million kids across 22 African countries in multiple languages. Hope and Healing International’s role is providing consultation and guidance on disability-inclusive language and concepts, as well as inclusive resilience 

4 Heart-healing Episodes
for Kids with Disabilities and their Peers

Pilot Episode

The first episode of Ubongo Kids we produced with Ubongo introduced a girl named Tabasamu, who is deaf.

We’ve captured feedback from children who’ve watched the episode. When asked how they would describe Tabasamukids said, “smart” and “brave”, that “she won the science project” and “she made her mother and sisters proud.” These kids saw Tabasamu as another kid just like them. This is how we change attitudes. 

Episode 2: Problem Solving

Lessons: Brainstorming creative solutions, Working together, Including others, Playing to each other’s strengths

Episode 3: Bullying and Friendship

Lessons: Honouring others, Handling bullies, Standing up for each other, Supporting each other

Episode 4: SMART Goals

Lessons: Planning for the future, Encouraging dreams, Demonstrating strength across different abilities through highlighting famous Africans with disabilities

The Need

Resilience Program

Together with you, we need to fund a second round of our resilience program across 2 districts in Uganda. We need to validate the transformational impact of the life skills we’re teaching. We also need to fund a 12-month evaluation of the first pilot to understand how well the resilience skills are sticking. A total cost of $52,000.

Ubongo Kids

Together with you, we need to ensure our jointly-created, heart-healing, disability-inclusive Ubongo Kids episodes get to the poorest kids in the poorest communities – through schools and hospital partners and community watch parties.

This will cost $93,970. $93,970 to reach more than 180,000 children with disabilities with transformational skills… with the knowledge that each child is lovingly created and full of potential.

This is our chance to show kids how much Jesus loves ALL children.