Moms… You Care for Others Every Day

The love of a mom knows no bounds. And little Christine is lucky to have a mom like Catherine who loves her so much and never stops fighting for her… even when things are tough.

When Christine was born with cleft lip, her parents’ cultural beliefs clashed. Her dad didn’t want Christine to have the surgery she needed to repair her cleft lip, and he took her away from Catherine.

But Catherine never gave up trying to get her daughter back, and when her extended family intervened, mom and daughter were reunited.

I pray for life to stay alive with my children… for my children to have good life and be better in future because they’re all my children.

– Catherine, Christine’s mom

As a single mom, Catherine works hard selling fruit and vegetables at a market stall. It barely makes enough money for the family to eat, definitely not enough for the surgery Christine needs.

Catherine goes to church regularly. She particularly loves the Bible stories about endurance – not surprising for this mom who knows about endurance and fights for it every day.

“I feel like if this person endured and succeeded, then I can too.” – Catherine

And Catherine hasn’t stopped praying for her daughter. Recently, her prayers were answered through a healinghugs supporter like you!

Because someone like you paid for Christine’s surgery, Catherine was able to take her daughter to Hope and Healing International’s partner hospital in Uganda.

Christine’s surgery was a success! None of it would have been possible without this determined mom, God… and you!

“I pray that God gives [the Canadian donors] life. I thank them for helping us and those who are unable to afford care.” — Catherine