Save Lives

Save Lives

A sleeping baby on her back

Save Lives

Every hour, babies are dying in Zambia… but they don’t have to. 

According to UNICEF, 1 in 40 babies in Zambia won’t survive past Day 28. That’s two babies dying every hour. And too many are dying from preventable causes.  

We talked to Dr. Raymond who works in Paediatrics and Neonatology at our partner hospital in Zambia. He and his team have the knowledge and skills to save newborn lives, but they don’t have the equipment. He told us, “Some women have a terrible obstetric history, 5 or 6 pregnancy losses. But then you have to tell that mother that this miracle baby that she’s supposed to have, we’re not going to be able to save them… So the need for equipment, I’m afraid we cannot over emphasize. We need as much as we can get.” 

A mother holding her newborn child

The Plan

You can save babies’ lives all across Zambia by providing vital, life-saving equipment. Think about it like equipping a NICU because that’s effectively what you’re doing. 

A rough and ready NICU, not one we’d picture in North America, but one that will save babies’ lives with equipment like: 

Our health partner in Zambia is a long-standing, faithful partner called the Churches Health Association of Zambia, or CHAZ. They believe in the value of sharing God’s love in both word and deed. They have the expertise and training. Together with you, we can make sure they have the equipment they need to save newborn lives. 

Today, you can come alongside Dr. Raymond and his team to save vulnerable babies.