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Help children like Benita walk, run, play and thrive again.

Benita’s short life had been filled with pain because of her bowed legs. She couldn’t walk without excruciating pain. She couldn’t use the toilet on her own, or help her mother around the house. Playing with other children was out of the question.

Benita’s life changed when she went to a Hope and Healing International-supported hospital. The doctor attached metal rods onto Benita’s bones to gradually straighten them.

Slowly, after months of recovery and therapy using donated equipment, Benita’s legs grew straight and strong again. The other children don’t laugh at her anymore. Instead, they marvel at her straight legs!

Now Benita runs and plays with the other children. She charges forward in soccer and races her brothers to the well. She’ll start walking to school, something her parents had once thought would be impossible. Benita has a new life!

Every day I look closely at Benita’s legs and thank God for helping my daughter – through Hope and Healing. I’m so grateful.

Sylvia, Benita’s mother

How your gifts change lives and transform futures

Your gifts provide life-saving surgery for kids with cleft lip and cleft palate, clubfoot and other disabilities, allowing them to play with friends, go to school and build a brighter future.

Cataracts, trachoma, river blindness and other eye diseases cause pain and blindness for millions of children and caregivers. Your gifts provide sight-saving surgery and medication, turning darkness into light.

Your gifts provide surgery for women suffering shame and isolation because of childbirth-related fistula.

Your gifts help ship millions of dollars’ worth of donated life-saving medical supplies and equipment to our partner hospitals overseas, helping kids and adults walk, see, hear and thrive!

Monthly giving changes lives

A monthly gift:

  • Provides consistent, ongoing support for children and caregivers with disabilities.
  • Is extremely rewarding. You know you are making a difference every single month!
  • Saves money on mailings and administration, meaning more of your gift goes to people in need.
  • Is simple, flexible, and convenient for you!