Roshnel’s Story

Roshnel is a five-year-old girl who was born with clubfoot. Her mom didn’t know how to support her daughter. 

Five-year-old Roshnel was born with clubfoot. When her mom, Yoland, first saw Roshnel, she was shocked to see her little foot turned in. 

Neighbours and family believed Roshnel’s clubfoot was a sign that Yoland was cursed. Stigma and misunderstanding surrounded this family.

Some neighbours told Yoland to take Roshnel to traditional doctors, while others advised them to go to the hospital. She said, “I didn’t know what to do. I was afraid they would spoil her feet, and I didn’t have money.”  

Yoland didn’t know how to best support her child. Months turned into years with no support or help. And even if she could afford Roshnel’s treatment, how could she be sure that it would take away her daughter’s pain? She had lost hope for Roshnel’s healing.

How will God allow this to happen to me when I have no one? I didn’t know what to do... I kept thinking of what she would become in the future.


As Roshnel grew, she had to learn to live with the pain and manage on her wobbly foot. For five years, she longed to walk and run, pain-free.

Thankfully, Roshnel was found by Hope and Healing International’s outreach team.

At first, Yoland was reluctant. What if the treatment didn’t work? What if they asked her to pay a fee she couldn’t afford? What if they made Roshnel’s condition worse? 

Yoland was relieved when she learned that other kids with clubfoot had gone through treatment – and that Roshnel could too! Kind Canadians like you helped cover the cost of her surgery at our partner hospital and gave her crutches to use while she recuperated and gained strength. 


Her mom sends her thanks: I do not know what to tell you people for all your help. But only God in heaven will continue to bless you.”  

Thank you for giving kids like Roshnel the practical love and care they need. Through your care, you’re giving these beautiful kids the chance to live happier, healthier, longer lives. You’re telling them you believe in them – in their value and their potential. You’re showing them the love of Jesus. 

I don’t feel pain. I am happy that my foot will be fine. Thank you, people.