Brian and his family dreamed that he could go to school one day, but he needed a leg brace to get there.

It can be a long walk to school in Tanzania. So for a child like Brian who struggles to walk, going to school was only a dream. Brian was born with cerebral palsy and lives with his mom, baby sister and grandparents in a small mud home. His family loves him, but they don’t have a lot of resources. They’ve sacrificed the little resources they have to get Brian medical support. His grandfather even sold a goat to help pay for some of Brian’s care. 

Brian’s family couldn’t afford a leg and ankle brace. Thanks to kind friends like you, he received one through Hope and Healing International’s medical partner. Now he could finally get to school!

Brian at School
Brian at School

Access to education opens up a world of opportunity 

Brian has a lot of catching up to do because he started school later than his peers. But he is now thriving as he receives physical and emotional healing through the support of our partner staff, his teachers and classmates. 

He can run and play with the other children, and is growing in friendships at school. No longer bound to his home, Brian can dream of a bright future where he cares for his family and contributes to his community. His future is bright! 

Brian at School

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