“At first, I felt very bad that I was losing my leg. But with the pain I had, I accepted that maybe I would feel better with my leg amputated.” – Grace

Grace was born with a growth on her foot. As she got older, her whole leg began to swell until it was almost double in size. Every step sent pain stabbing through her leg. She needed surgery to amputate her leg, to stop the growth from spreading to the rest of her body. 

But for Grace to have surgery, she needed a hospital bed to lie in, a wheelchair as she healed, crutches to walk on her own. Doctors needed surgical tools, masks, hospital gowns, pain medication. And Grace needed someone to give her that miracle.

Without life-saving medical equipment and care, Grace’s life will be full of pain and isolation. And honestly? It’s hard to say how long this little girl would survive. 

But there’s good news. Supporters made sure Grace got the medical care she needed – care that included hospital beds, wheelchairs and medical equipment. When she came home from the hospital, generous donors gave her crutches so she could get to school and help her mom fetch water. 

Grace is now zooming around on her crutches. She’s no longer in any pain, and she keeps up with her friends no problem. She’s even set to receive a prosthetic leg soon, thanks to friends like you. The difference in Grace’s life is incredible. Instead of crying in pain, she’s now giggling with her friends. 

And right now, there’s another child just like Grace who desperately needs the medical equipment – the miracles – you can send. 

Generous Canadian hospitals and partners donate vital, life-changing equipment like wheelchairs, surgical instruments, hospital beds and more.  
Incredible supporters like you ship this miracle-making equipment to kids living in some of the poorest communities of the world. 


Africa Map
Countries where you are shipping miracles and transforming lives:
Cyclone Freddy – one of the worst cyclones to hit Malawi
Hundreds are dead and thousands more injured.

Health facilities have been destroyed or flooded. The hospitals still standing are overrun with children and families desperate for care. Staff are stretched and supplies are dwindling.

Kids are coming in with head injuries and broken limbs. They need immediate attention to save their lives and to prevent injuries from becoming permanent disabilities.

Hospitals need supplies to keep children alive. Doctors need gauze, plaster of Paris, gloves, syringes to continue saving lives.

We already have many of these items in our warehouse, ready to ship. Will you help?