End the pain and blindness of trachoma.

You can save the sight of 8 times as many moms like Kesni and their kids.

Hope for Kesni’s children

Kesni wants nothing more than to see her baby’s face. To watch her kids play. To see their smiles as she serves them a meal.

But Kesni can’t do any of this, because she is blind from a preventable, treatable disease –  trachoma.

Kesni has had repeated trachoma infections. She has suffered excruciating pain. And now, she is permanently blind. She has to rely on her elderly mother to care for her children. Her heart aches to hear her children complain about sore, itchy eyes. And she’s afraid they, too, will lose their sight.

Your gift today can bring hope and healing to families like Kesni’s.

How does trachoma spread?

Trachoma is an eye disease caused by infection with the bacterium Chlamydia Trachomatis.

The infection can be spread from person to person. Moms with trachoma are afraid to kiss or even touch their children, for fear of giving them the disease.

Trachoma is also spread by flies, which are attracted to the discharge from the eyes and nose of an infected person. If flies land on the face of an infected person, they can pick up the disease and spread it to others.

Left untreated, trachoma leads to permanent blindness. But we can stop the spread of trachoma—if we act now.

Trachoma is treatable

End the pain and blindness of trachoma by helping communities stop the spread of the infection with:


kill the trachoma bacteria and treat the infection.


and facial cleanliness prevent the spread of the infection from person to person.

Clean Water

and improved sanitation keeps the disease-spreading flies away.


is used to treat the blinding stage of the disease.

Your gift will multiply 8 times in value to save the sight of moms and kids

Because of donated antibiotics from the pharmaceutical company Pfizer Inc.™, your gift will multiply EIGHT TIMES in value, helping eight times as many children and caregivers.

It’s like wiping your eyes with sandpaper

That’s the pain of trachoma. Every blink brings unbearable pain.

Eventually, your world goes dark. Forever.

It doesn’t have to be this way. 

Trachoma is preventable and treatable. Your gift will send 8 times the value of sight-saving medication. Give today to save 8 TIMES as many moms, dads and kids from pain and blindness.

How trachoma blinds

1. Infection
Flies land near the victim’s eye or come into contact with the tears or dirty hands of someone with the disease.

2. Pain
The infection causes painful cuts on the underside of the eyelid, which then lead to scarring. The eyelid starts to turn inward.

3. Damage
The in-turned eyelashes scrape the eyeball like sandpaper, causing pain and damage with every blink.

4. Scarring
As the cornea is cut and then heals, scar tissue forms, clouding sight and leading to permanent visual impairment.

5. Blindness
Eventually, the scarring is so bad the cornea is destroyed. The victim is permanently, irreversibly blind.

You can help eliminate trachoma

Pfizer Inc.TM has donated the antibiotics needed to treat trachoma. Every dollar you give will multiply 8 times in value to help ship and distribute this sight-giving medicine.

Your gift will:

  • Provide 8 times as many children and caregivers with antibiotics to treat trachoma
  • Provide sight-saving surgery for moms suffering from the blinding stage of the disease
  • Give whole communities access to clean water for face and hand washing
  • Help communities eradicate trachoma, freeing families from fear and pain

The end of trachoma is near


trachoma is the leading infectious cause of blindness


countries with hyperendemic trachoma in many of the poorest and most rural areas


people are at risk of trachoma


women received trachoma surgery last year through Hope and Healing and their global partners


people were given trachoma treatment last year through Hope and Healing partners


countries have successfully eliminated trachoma