STOP the Unbearable Pain. STOP the Future of Blindness.

Your gift will have 8 times the healing impact as it multiplies to change lives forever.

Hope for Children Like Birtkau

Birtkau and Wubnesh

12-year-old Birtkau was sent to live with her grandmother who was blinded by trachoma. Now, this little girl shoulders the responsibility of cooking, cleaning, fetching water and caring for her grandmother.

Every day, Birtkau wonders if she will suffer the same fate.

No child should be so fearful for her future. Sadly, it’s too late to save her grandmother’s sight. But it’s not too late for Birtkau.

The solution is simple: antibiotics to treat the infection, clean water to help reduce disease-carrying flies and education to teach children and their families how to avoid being infected.

Your gift today can help give children like Birtkau a future free of this dreaded disease.

What is Trachoma?

Trachoma is the #1 cause of infectious blindness. One of the most at-risk areas is the Amhara region of Ethiopia, where one out of every two people will contract this debilitating disease.


How Does Trachoma Spread?

The trachoma infection spreads through personal contact and by flies attracted to dirty water and animal waste — common in impoverished areas. If flies land on the face of an infected person, they can pick up the disease and spread it to others.

Left untreated, trachoma leads to permanent blindness. But you can help stop the spread of trachoma — if you act now.


Trachoma Is Preventable and Treatable

Instead of eyelids, it’s like sheets of sandpaper against their eyes. Every blink brings unbearable pain. Eventually, their world goes dark. Forever. That’s the torment of trachoma. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Your gift today will rush 8 TIMES the value of sight-saving antibiotics, hygiene education and access to clean water to help cure and prevent this devastating disease.

Your gift will multiply 8 times in value.

8x-1Thanks to donated antibiotics from the pharmaceutical company Pfizer Inc.™, your gift will multiply EIGHT TIMES in value, helping even more people suffering from trachoma!


Together, We Can Stop the Threat of Trachoma



Flies spread the trachoma bacteria from face to face.



Infection causes painful cuts leading to scars, which turn the eyelid inward.


In-turned eyelids

Eyelashes break off and scratch the eyeball with every blink.

Damaged cornea

As the cornea heals, scar tissue forms and clouds the sufferer’s sight.


The cornea is destroyed. The sufferer is permanently blind.


You can provide the hope that puts a stop to this…



Antibiotics treat and heal the infection. Education and access to clean water help prevent children and their families from becoming infected over and over again, which prevents unnecessary blindness.

Our Goal

Together, we can make a difference as we help treat those infected and save even more people from the unnecessary pain and blindness of trachoma.

  • #1 infectious cause of blindness in the world — trachoma
  • 58 countries endemic of trachoma
  • 232M+ people are at risk of trachoma
  • US $3-6B lost in productivity per year because of trachoma

Your gift will

  • Rush 8 times the value of sight-saving trachoma treatment to at-risk children and caregivers
  • Start an eye health school club to educate children, who then educate their parents and grandparents at home about the importance of hygiene in preventing trachoma
  • Provide a family with access to clean water, a vital step toward preventing trachoma in the long run