Nebyou’s Story

Four-year-old Nebyou doesn’t know what trachoma is… or what it means for his future. But his parents know how serious it is. They know this eye infection could blind their little boy, and they’re afraid for his future. They work as farmers, but it’s difficult to grow enough to feed their small family, never mind pay for the medical care that’s required to save Nebyou’s sight. 

Even though Nebyou doesn’t understand what trachoma is, his mom tells us, He is itching his eyes until they turn to red. And he cries when the pain is worsening. 

There are too many children like Nebyou who are at risk of losing their sight. But you can change that. You can give a child the care they need to stop their pain and blindness. 

The good news is that the vital antibiotics have already been donated — so right now, your dollars will go 4X as far to save the sight of 4X as many kids! 

Trachoma is a public health problem in 42 countries and a threat for 125 million people.  

Of all the continents in the world, Africa is the most affected by trachoma.

Trachoma is responsible for the blindness or visual impairment of about 1.9 million people.  

In trachoma-endemic areas, 60-90% of school-aged children are affected.  


Frequently Asked Questions

Trachoma is a contagious bacterial eye infection that spreads through personal contact and flies that have been in contact with discharge from an infected person.  

After years of repeated infection, the inside of the eyelid turns inwards, causing the eyelashes to scrape against the eyeball and leading to opaque scar tissue that the child can no longer see through. This leads to complete blindness. 

To eliminate trachoma, you need a multifaceted approach. That’s why the World Health Organization uses the S.A.F.E. strategy to stop blinding trachoma. 

  • Surgery 
  • Antibiotics 
  • Facial cleanliness  
  • Environmental improvements (ie. clean water and sanitation) 

Generous pharmaceutical companies have already donated the medication to treat trachoma, so every $1 you give will get $4 worth of sight-saving care into a child’s hands! Your gift will go 4X further… saving 4X as many children from the pain and blindness of trachoma!