Comprehensive care for newborns and moms 

Baby Phiri from Zambia

Our Christian medical partner in Zambia is the largest non-governmental health provider in Zambia with 34 hospitals, 77 health centres and 31 community-based organizations. Together, these health institutions account for over 50% of formal healthcare in rural areas, and around 35% of healthcare across the country. 

Thanks to kind healinghugs supporters like you, our medical team provides grassroots level care and support to moms and newborns before and during the birth moment, and in the first 30 days post-birth – the most vulnerable period for child survival. 

Baby Phiri from Zambia

Your healing hug gives moms the support they need for a healthy birth, and newborns the best possible start in life. You provide life-saving and disability-preventing support for both mom and baby throughout pregnancy and during the birth moment.

If a newborn has a disability, the treatment they receive in-hospital depends on their specific health needs. We work closely with the mom to make sure their newborn gets the services they need, where and when they need them. 

By providing newborns the care they need right away, you give them the chance to grow healthy and strong. Thanks to you, these beautiful babies can live longer, healthier and happier lives and become all that God created them to be.