Janice Boneham


Janice Boneham understands firsthand the challenges of living with a disability. When she noticed her vision getting worse, she opted for an early retirement from her job as an administrative assistant.

Janice hasn’t allowed her vision loss to stop her from enjoying retirement. She loves to read, watch old films, volunteer at church and support local animal rescue efforts. Janice recently talked to us about why she supports Hope and Healing International, and what motivated her decision to leave a legacy gift in her Will.


Q: Janice, why did you decide to support Hope and Healing International?


A: I have a strong personal connection to your work. Every time I read one of Ed’s letters, it resonates with me because I live with a vision impairment myself. I have a detached retina and a retinal tear. I have a 5-hour drive to Winnipeg to get treatment, but it is available, and I am not out of pocket for it.  

I have often thought, if I was living in a different place, I would be completely blind by now. How blessed I am to be in Canada.  

People in the countries that Hope and Healing help are suffering needlessly and going blind. The physical healing of the world’s poorest… is most important to me because this is what Jesus reached out to do.

I really appreciate Ed’s letters… [and] I also love the prayer diary. Reading this and praying over the years I have come to know not only the staff, the places and the common themes, but the struggles, the stigmas and the seeking out of the most isolated. I am connected and part of the Hope and Healing community.


Q: What made you decide to leave a legacy gift in your Will to Hope and Healing International?


A: My retirement has allowed me to take time to consider what is important to me. I feel there is a strong need for hope and healing in this world and in the end, it comes down to love and respect. 

It was time to get my affairs in order with the early retirement. I decided to give a portion of my estate to charity. I chose 3 charities in total, and Hope and Healing International was one of them. This long-term relationship will help to carry out the Gospel in the right way. 

Hope and Healing, as it is called today, is really the work of Christ in action. When we work together, we make a difference for the mission of Christ.


Q: What are some of your hopes and wishes for Hope and Healing International? 


A: I want to see the work expanded as much as it can be. We live in a world where things are unfair. I want a kinder, fairer world that demonstrates what the kingdom should be on earth, the new Jerusalem. We need to take one step forward and try to bring about a better future, working together and following Christ’s example. 


Q: What would you say to someone who is considering leaving a gift in their Will to Hope and Healing International? 


A: To give it prayerful consideration and to choose things that are truly important to you that you believe in and that can make the world a better place. In the end, it all comes down to love and respect. All of us want to leave a legacy behind, a good one. 

I can’t go to Africa. I am not a doctor. But if I have some financial means to share… so that someone else could have a better life – the way people were there to give me eye surgery – I want to do that.  

They call it paying it forward. It’s a privilege to give to someone else and there is such a need for it.   

You can join Janice Boneham and remember Hope and Healing International with your own legacy of love. It’s easy to arrange and our friendly staff would be pleased to help you. Your future gift will make a world of difference to children and families living in poverty with disabilities.
For more information about a leaving a gift in your Will to Hope and Healing International, please fill out our Request for Information form or call us at 1.800.567.2264.

Your request for information is confidential and will not obligate you to make a gift.

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