John Friesen


John Friesen sees himself as “just an ordinary person.” But many people, including the staff of Hope and Healing International, know how very extraordinary he is.

John has been giving generously of his time and finances his entire life.

In his late 20s, he turned to the Lord and began teaching Sunday school, where he continued to teach for 35 years. At 96 years of age, he’s still attending Bible studies and is active in his church.

Though his beloved wife passed away a couple years ago, John still keeps himself busy repairing furniture and growing a big, beautiful garden. He supports many ministries, and he’s been helping children through Hope and Healing for more than 14 years.

Imagine the number of lives John has changed through his faithful generosity!

There are kids who can see the bright orange of a new sunrise because of him. Kids who no longer have to crawl in the dirt, but now can roll to school in a new wheelchair because of him.

Hope and Healing is an organization where my donations are going to where they say they are going.

– John

When we asked John why he has given so generously to so many over the years, he simply told us, “The Lord put the need in my heart.”

He said, “I have never been to these countries, but from pictures and television I see the need is there.”

John understands that kids with disabilities are some of the most vulnerable kids in the world. And he has faith that God can use him to give kids hope for a brighter future.

Some people can leave more than I can, but I have my house and yard, whatever that brings.

– John

John knows that each gift leads to a tidal wave of change that transforms kids’ lives.

That’s one of the reasons why he’s chosen to leave a gift in his Will to Hope and Healing. His legacy of generous giving will continue even when he takes his wife by the hand on the streets of gold in heaven.

Children’s lives will be changed for years to come because of John. The legacy of a life well lived.

Will you consider leaving a legacy gift in your Will to Hope and Healing International, like John did? Your future gift could make an incredible difference in the lives of the world’s most vulnerable kids. You can request more information today.

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