The journey to hope and healing

We have two amazing partners in Malawi – one is community-based and the other is a hospital. Together, they cover 14 different districts in central Malawi. They identify kids with disabilities and connect them with healinghugs supporters like you so these vulnerable kids can get the medical treatment they need, that their families can’t afford.

Many kids we meet have visual impairments, orthopaedic disabilities or they need prosthetics. Once we identify their specific needs, our community rehabilitation workers refer these kids to the best hospital for their medical care.

Wraparound Care and Support

Your healinghugs also cover costs for things like travel, food and even housing for each child and their caregiver while a child receives treatment. After these kids are discharged from the hospital, our partner works to enroll them in school.

We also provide training for caregivers through peer support groups and information clinics that teach parents exercises and methods to best care for their child living with a disability. Each child is precious, and together with you, we’re committed to making sure each one gets the best care possible.