We’re thrilled to have you here! This space was created for wonderful healinghugs donors just like you.

It’s the perfect place to learn more about your child’s country and how healinghugs change lives. A place for you to see a medical team who’s caring for a healinghugs child just like yours. We’ve even got mouth-watering recipes and exciting activities for your own kids and grandkids, nieces and nephews. And there’s more!

Meet the kids

Meet the Kids

Read the miraculous stories of healinghugs kids and their incredible transformation because of donors like you.

behind the scenes

Behind the Scenes

Find out how we connect with and help healinghugs children in the same country as your child!

Medical Team

Medical Team

Watch this video to see some of the amazing doctors and staff who care so skillfully for kids receiving healinghugs like yours.

Kids Zone

Kids Zone

Check out these fun games and activities for the little ones in your life!

Tasty Recipes

Tasty Recipes

Delicious food is one of life’s joys! Learn more about our tried and true recipes.


Notes from You

Donors are sharing wonderful notes about supporting their healinghugs children. Take a look!

How you are changing lives:

Medical Bag

Your healing hug gives medical care that will:

  • Prevent life-long disabilities
  • Heal curable impairments
  • Enable and empower kids with permanent disabilities
  • Give all these kids the support, assistance and self-confidence to know they’re valued, strong and bursting with potential
Healing Hug Bear

Your healing hug gives a teddy bear that will:

  • Comfort your child as they face doctors, needles and sometimes painful exercises
  • Join your child on a journey of hope and healing
  • Become a tool for community health workers to teach exercises
Healing Heart

Your healing hug gives you:

  • A teddy bear as a reminder of your support
  • A photo of each child you help
  • Each child’s treatment plan and progress report
  • The joy of changing a child’s life through healing, empowering, preventive medical and rehabilitative care

Share the hug!


Tell your friends and family about the life-changing difference a healing hug makes. Snap a picture of you and your teddy bear and post it with #healinghugs. We love to see your pictures!