You’re amazing!

You’ve committed to giving healinghugs to one of the world’s most vulnerable kids, and we want you to be part of a community that hugs you back – at least a little.

Throughout the year, we’ll send plenty of information your way, about your hugged child and his or her country, care centre, care team…

If you’re looking for a one-stop info shop, though, this is your place.

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Gabriel and her healing hug bear

How do we change lives?

Medical Bag

healinghugs give medical care that will:

  • prevent life-long disabilities
  • cure impairments
  • lovingly assist kids with permanent disabilities
  • give children the support, assistance and self-confidence to know they’re valued, beautiful, smart and winning
Healing Hug Bear

healinghugs give children a teddy bear that will:

  • comfort them as they face doctors, needles and tough exercises
  • join them on their journey of hope and healing
  • be used as a tool for community health workers to teach exercises and give health tips
Healing Heart

healinghugs give you, the supporter:

  • the joy of giving preventative medical and rehabilitative care for your healinghugs child
  • a healinghugs bear (if desired) as a reminder of your support
  • a photo of each child you help
  • each child’s treatment plan and progress report

Questions or suggestions?

If you have questions we haven’t answered, please send us an email at info at hopeandhealing dot org.  (If you’re asking, I bet others are wondering too.) Use the comments section at the bottom of the page to give feedback and make suggestions. We want to make this an even better site for you and your family – including your kids and grandkids.