Thank you
for giving a
healing hug!

Thank you for giving a healing hug!

This space is for world-changers like you!

Your healing hug gives even more than vital medical care. It gives one of the most vulnerable kids in the world hope for a brighter future. Today, you are reminding a child that they are not forgotten.

Esther’s Story

Esther was 5 years old when we met her. Her foot was twisted inward, so she walked on her ankle. Esther was born with clubfoot, a condition that made her cry in pain whenever she tried to walk long distances.

Esther wanted so badly to go to school, but it was too far to walk. Without medical care to set her bones in the correct position or physiotherapy to strengthen her muscles, she would be trapped in pain and poverty.

But someone like you chose to give Esther a healing hug. Someone like you said, “I’ll give Esther the medical care she needs and a bear to hug along the way.” Because of someone like you, Esther is walking without pain today.

Take a look to see her healing journey, thanks to the compassion of someone just like you!

Meet the Kids

Courageous kids receiving your healinghugs have amazing stories to tell!

If you want to see the beautiful body and heart healing that you’re making possible through your healing hug, take a look at these beautiful stories. You’ll be inspired by these kids’ grit and perseverance, and you’ll see the kind of life-changing difference you’re making possible!

Happy Precious


Smiling Christine



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Behind the Scenes

Learn more about our dedicated partners serving healinghugs kids across sub-Saharan Africa.

Hope and Healing International’s frontline partners are there from the first moment of contact, through surgery and rehabilitation, to the final sign-off on a child’s completed treatment plan. Find out more about your child’s partner in each country and the amazing staff who bring your healinghugs to life!