Nassel’s Story

Overcoming stigma and finding healing

Eleven-year-old Nassel was born with clubfeet, which caused his feet to turn inward. Nassel’s parents loved their child deeply, but they believed they would be questioning God’s will if they got their son medical care. So, they resisted going to the hospital for years, all the while caring for their boy’s needs.

I love my son, I want him to succeed. This is why I personally carried him to school daily… [But] my ancient convictions almost deprived him [of] an opportunity to improve the quality of his life and attain his dreams.

– Nassel’s father, Moufoutou

It took the determination of a local community worker, who worked tirelessly to convince Nassel’s parents that their son didn’t have to live with clubfeet for the rest of his life and that medical treatment was part of God’s plan for their boy. This community worker showed the parents photographs of other children with similar conditions who had been successfully treated. That was the inspiration they needed to finally consent to Nassel’s life-changing treatment, but even after they had agreed, they didn’t have the money to pay for Nassel’s surgery.

That’s when a healinghugs supporter like you stepped in. Thanks to their generosity, Nassel received the vital treatment he needed to straighten his feet and walk without pain. Today, Nassel is walking to school on his own!

Now, Nassel dreams of becoming a footballer, and he’s already out practicing with his friends.