Sandy Maton

Sandy Maton

When Sandy Maton was baptized, Colossians 2:10 was prayed over her. It became a meaningful verse in her walk with the Lord. While full completeness only comes when we get to heaven – where we no longer face pain, loss or sickness – Sandy has seen God work in her life here on earth. She’s seen God provide for her needs and felt His comfort in loss. 

Sandy was raised on an apple farm by two hard-working parents. Though money was tight for her family, they still saw God provide for their needs. After her parents passed, she experienced God’s peace in the middle of mourning. 

Since her baptism, Sandy has had a heart to see kids experience the fullness of God here on earth. For 30 years, she ran a local school that impacted the lives of hundreds of kids. “I have continued to pray over these children,” she told us. And today, Sandy continues to care for kids by sharing Jesus’ love with them. 

Sandy’s passion to serve kids has always been strong, so leaving a gift in her Will to Hope and Healing International was a great fit for her.  

I have absolute trust in Hope and Healing and the work [they] do.

– Sandy

Sandy decided to leave a legacy of love so children living in poverty with disability across the world will live healthier, happier, longer lives. Through a gift in her Will, she will be able to bring a little bit of heaven closer to children with disabilities here on earth – including kids who have lost their sight. 

I am so grateful that there are medical professionals who dedicate their lives to help give sight… I was so moved by what could be done to help children with such a small amount of money. The impact – that somebody could seethat they could go from darkness to light.

– Sandy

When asked what she would say to others considering leaving a legacy gift in their Will, Sandy said, “I would tell them about the sincerity and honesty of the organization. That [being] careful with your spending and putting Hope and Healing International’s work in your Will is a very worthwhile thing to do.”

Sandy has impacted hundreds of kids’ lives throughout her life. And she knows that her legacy gift will transform even more kids’ lives in the years to come. 

Will you consider leaving a legacy gift in your Will to Hope and Healing International, like Sandy did? Your future gift could make an incredible difference in the lives of the world’s most vulnerable kids. You can request more information today.
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