Give sight and hope to kids in Malawi
Update on Sight4Kids Year 1!
Update on Faith
One of the highlights of Ed’s trip to Malawi was meeting Faith. “She won my heart, and she convinced me that – given the right supports – she will have a good life – sight or no sight… but I also worry for this little girl.” Read more
Progress Thanks to YOU!
Because of your generosity, the new Paediatric Eye Unit at Nkhoma Hospital has been built! Now, we just need to finish equipping and training the staff so they can help each child who comes to the ward. And finally, we need to reach out to the community to make sure families know that there is help, that their children don’t have to live with preventable blindness anymore. That each child can live a full and abundant life.
Because of you, Nkhoma has a beautiful two-storey 10×10 metre building with a consultation room, play therapy room, nurses’ room, toilets and 2 wards (male and female, with 6 paediatric beds each) – all designed for kids. Thank you!


Your support has funded interim paediatric ophthalmic speciality training for one ophthalmologist and one anaesthesiologist. Your support this year will allow us to hire a dedicated paediatric ophthalmologist.
50% funded
Finding, Referring, Supporting
When you fund outreach, you give families hope that their child with preventable blindness will see again! And you give families like Faith’s the livelihood and educational support they need to help children who are blind reach their full potential.
When you give dedicated, child-appropriate equipment for children’s more complex eye needs, you ensure kids can receive sight-saving care. Here’s some of the equipment we’re still missing.

Anterior Vitrector


Anterior VitrectoraPortable Handheld Paediatric Slit Lamp


Retinal Diode Laser


Lens Grooving Machine (to fit half rims)


IOL Master


Cornea Crosslinking Machine


Cryotherapy Machine


Automated Visual Acuity Projector