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  Sobering Thoughts: Q&A with C.K. RobertsonSobering Thoughts: Q&A with C.K. Robertson
C.K. Robertson dissects the mixed messages about alcohol in the Church.
  Addiction and Surrender: Q&A with Harold KoenigAddiction and Surrender: Q&A with Harold Koenig
Harold Koenig discusses the surrendering process for people struggling with addiction.
  A Tapesty of Brokenness: Q&A with John KilzerA Tapesty of Brokenness: Q&A with John Kilzer
John Kilzer tells his story of recovery and his call to recovery ministry.
Around the Web
  Recovery Ministry And The Local Church
From Alcoholics Victorious. Dale S. Ryan gives a breakdown on aspects of recovery in the local church.
  Church Focused on Recovery
From United Methodist News Service. A pastor in Minneapolis has made it his mission to minister to "broken" people, those struggling with addictions to alcohol, drugs, gambling and other vices.
  Recovery, one journal entry at a time
From Minnesota Public Radio. William Cope Moyers found writing about his own addiction helped in his recovery. Now, in a new book, he offers more concrete ways to guide others struggling with drug or alcohol addiction toward health.
More Resources on Church Health Reader
  Recognizing Recovery: the Twelve Steps for You and Your ChurchRecognizing Recovery: the Twelve Steps for You and Your Church
Recognizing Recovery is an accessible resource guide that can be used by both individuals and groups and offers practical answers to questions about the nature of purpose of Twelve Step recovery programs.
  Good News
Susan Palwick shares her experiences of attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings with her recovering mother.
  A Matter of Healing Both Body and Soul
Rev. Scott Morris, M.D. talks about his commitment to seeing recovery as part of being healthy.
  Recovery: A Call to Action
Shannon Tucker, who serves as Gathering Chair of the Recovery Ministries of the Episcopal Church, discusses the importance of recovery ministry.
Book Reviews
  Book Review: Broken
In Broken: My Story of Addiction and Redemption, William Cope Moyers provides a gripping, honest account of his struggle with addiction in which his faith plays a key role in his difficulties and recovery. Review by John Shorb.
  Book Review: Dying for a Drink
Dying for a Drink provides a highly informative look at alcohol addiction and recovery. Review by Rachel Thompson.

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Addiction Ministries (United Methodist Conference of Oklahoma)

Christian Recovery International

Fuller Institute for Recovery Ministry

National Association for Christian Recovery

Presbyterians for Addiction Action

Recovery Ministries of the Episcopal Church


Clergy Recovery Network

Fellowship of Recovering Lutheran Clergy

Recovered Alcoholic Clergy Association

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