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Just $39 will provide a cataract sight-restoring surgery.



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Sonile was devastated by her blinding cataracts. Read her story below.

There’s a real need

20 mil

people in the world are blind from cataracts

90 percent

live in developing countries

25-50 percent

of household income is lost when a caregiver loses sight – these families are the poorest of the poor

You’re the real solution

39 dollars

is all it takes to give a mom, dad or grandparent a lifetime of sight

10-12 minutes

is the average time it takes to perform a typical sight-restoring surgery

24 hours

is the average time between surgery, bandage removal and the joy of, “I can see!”

child with cataract

What is a cataract?

A cataract is clouding of the eye’s lens, which obstructs the passage of light. Most cataracts relate to aging, though children are sometimes born with the condition. Cataracts may also develop after injury, inflammation or disease. (World Health Organization)

sight restore

Sight-restoring surgery

During a cataract operation, the surgeon makes a small cut in the cornea, removes the clouded lens and replaces it with a small, foldable lens. In most cases, stiches are not required, resulting in lower infection rates and faster recovery times. For adults, the surgery is done under local anesthesia.

Did you know?

Since 1966, Hope and Healing International has performed over 10 million sight-restoring operations.

Where your money goes

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From hope to healing: Sonile’s journey.

Sonile was an active 80-year-old woman who lived in rural Ethiopia with her son, daughter-in-law and three grandchildren. She loved caring for her family which included cleaning, cooking, gardening and even ploughing the fields with her grandkids. But then she was blinded by cataracts.

Sonile waiting to be accessed for cataract surgery

“I used a stick to feel my way. It was hard to locate doors. I was just sitting, doing nothing.”


“I was not happy, I came to a point where I felt it would be better just to die.”

Dr. Pons examining Sonile right eye by looking through a slit lamp

“I had neighbours who visited me and told me I could trust Good Shepherd (a Hope and Healing International-supported hospital). They told me that [the] eye surgery would be safe and good.”

Sonile smile

“I was excited…on my way home, seeing everything…My life has changed ever since…I was surprised by how my grandchildren had grown. I asked their names to make sure which grandchildren were which.”

Sonile walking out of her house and close up shot

Sight-restoring videos