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Annual Report

Your Shining Light

Our work together for the poorest of the poor is so important. You’ll read stories and see pictures of the dramatic impact you’ve made in the day-to-day lives of children and families with disabilities.

A Warmer, Brighter World Because of You

You have helped us make a huge impact this year. Just look at some of the things we've accomplish!


You trained, supported and equipped 48,605 moms and dads in livelihood programs – you gave them jobs!


You gave therapy and rehabilitation to 1,112,486 children, moms and dads.


You trained 50,862 professionals including: 3,057 doctors,
10,321 nurses, 19,136 teachers.


You provided 117,618 children with assistive devices, letting them see better, hear better, move around better.


You gave 647,031 children home-based rehabilitation, nutrition and grass-roots advocacy support.


You gave 39,008 children the chance to go to school.


You saved the sight of
7.9 million people threatened by trachoma and river blindness.


You restored sight to 413,468 moms, dads, grandparents and children through cataract surgery.


You gave eyeglasses to
520,104 people.

You gave 2.5 million children ability-restoring medical care, including:


Eye care for 1.9 million children.


Ear care for 326,313 children.


Orthopedic care for 198,377 children with mobility challenges, birth malformations and other physical impairments.


Surgery for 79,230 children.

A New Ester Emerges

“I was with my friends and we were swinging. Someone pushed me and I fell down and there was a stick on the ground that hit my eye.”

– Ester

A traumatic cataract developed in her eye and she could barely see. After Ester’s sight-restoring surgery, she stated with joy and enthusiasm…

“I can go back to school to study well. I’ve been healed!”

Any light was painful for Ester.

Celtic Thunder Brings Irish love to Uganda

Ryan Kelly and Michael O’Dwyer from the popular Irish singing group, Celtic Thunder, are turning their spotlight onto kids in Africa.

When asked about their most memorable moment, Ryan answered, “Raymond and George. Seeing their disabilities… To see how they’ve become outcasts. To see this work in progress… to see what can be achieved here.”

“It [healinghugs] doesn’t just impact the child, it impacts the whole family.”

– Michael

“It transforms lives and there’s no way of overstating that… it really is transforming these people. And that’s clear.”

– Ryan

Volunteers, donors and cbm staff in Malawi

A Foundation of Hope

Together with donors, a partnership with Habitat for Humanity, and a team of volunteers who travelled to Malawi to build accessible homes designed specifically for moms, dads and children who are living in poverty with disabilities.

Since 2014, your support has helped to build 22 homes in Malawi and 40 homes in Ethiopia. And together Hope and Healing International’s goal is to help build 44 more homes in Malawi.

I Can See You

After the sight-restoring surgery and the bandages were removed, Asiamen returned home. As she looked around she said with delight, “I see you and I see that. Before I couldn’t…”

Asiamen has a list of thing she wanted to so as soon as her sight was restored. She wants to return to working on her farm. She’s excited to become independent again and to free up her daughter.

But first, Asiamen is going to church to pray, “I’m praying for whoever paid for my surgery. Thank you so much! I’m feeling very good.”

“I’m praying for whoever paid for my surgery. Thank you so much! I’m feeling very good.”

– Asiamen

Your Light in a Dark Place of the World

In South Sudan during a hunger crisis, Angelo’s spine hadn’t closed properly during pregnancy. He was diagnosed with spina bifida.

Angelo and his twin brother were receiving insufficient milk from Mary’s tired and malnourished body.

Thanks to emergency support from donors like you, the twins received nutritious milk made from fortified milk powder and Mary was enrolled in a program for lactating mothers.

In 2017, the Hope and Healing International Emergency Response Unit, with your help, reached and assisted 93,522 people with disabilities during worldwide disasters.

Dr. Babar Qureshi, MD is the senior medical advisor from cbm and the Director of Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTD).

If it’s Good Enough for Dad

Dr. Babar Qureshi, MD is the senior medical advisor for Hope and Healing International and the Director of Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTD).

Dr. Qureshi so strongly stands behind the programs that you and supporters like you are funding that he asked his father to have both eyes operated on in one of Hope and Healing International’s projects.

Dr. Qureshi said, “For me, the quality… is key to our program. And I have a very simple question that I ask at every program Hope and Healing International funds. I always ask… “Can I take my father to this particular project and allow him to be operated on?”

Reaching the Masses with Merck and Pfizer

The Merck Mectizan® Donation Program is now the largest ongoing donation program of its kind in the world to combat river blindness. The Hope and Healing International-Merck partnership from 2013 to 2017 has helped treat 476 million people.

Pfizer Inc. is a champion in helping to fight trachoma. With generous and compassionate donors like you, the donated Azithromycin has been distributed to almost 3.7 million people in 2017 to combat trachoma.

Thanks to Mom, a Wheelchair and You

The one thing standing between the success or failure for Prince was not poverty, disability, rejection or abandonment… it was a lack of mobility. Prince’s mom carried him on her back to school six kilometers a day but he was growing too big to carry. While they struggled, a medical clinic in Canada donated a wheelchair and someone like you paid to ship it to Malawi.

Thanks to you and supporters across Canada, $10.7 million worth of medical items and supplies helped families like Prince and his mom (Note: does this become a separate slide?)

Together Hope and Healing International supporters sent 28 shipments of medical supplies to Cameroon, Dominican Republic, Ethiopia, Ghana, Malawi, Swaziland, Uganda and Zambia.

Our Financials

Here’s how donations are used for maximum life change.

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Ed Epp

Together with you, our work begins and ends when lives are changed.

Thank you,

Ed EppExecutive Director, Hope and Healing International