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The Problem

Approximately 80% of all diseases in the developing countries are related to unsafe water supply and inadequate sanitation.

Access to safe drinking water and sanitation has proven to be essential to good health.

In Ethiopia three-fourths of the health problems in the country are due to inadequate water supply and sanitation.

Give Clean Water

The Solution

To create 4 clean water sources – protected from animal urine and feces, from environmental pollution and flooding in the rainy season. And each is accessible for people with disabilities.

4 water sources will cost $21,960 and will provide clean water for 1,000 children, moms and dads.

Give Safe Water

About Ethiopia

Ethiopia is in the Horn of Africa, where an extended period of droughts, famines and conflicts has had a serious impact on health and life expectancy.


Only a quarter of people in the largely rural Amhara region of Ethiopia have access to adequate, clean water.

Glass of water

The average person consumes just 3-4 litres per day – less than the 5 litres generally considered essential for basic human survival.

Women and girls typically walk 3-8 kilometres to get to the nearest water – water that is often full of leech worms and algae.


It’s almost impossible to keep eyes and faces and hands clean when water is so scarce. So it’s little wonder, 62% of people in Amhara have trachoma – the highest prevalence in the world.


Children are the active carriers of the eye infection. Women and girls, the primary caregivers for these young children, are at heightened risk of re-infection and blindness.

Did you know?

Washing with clean water prevents eye and ear infections that lead to blindness and hearing impairment.

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Without CLEAN water

sickness and infection spread – ultimately leading to disability.

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