GIving Loo Day Giving Tuesday

You can make Giving Tuesday into a Giving Loo Day!



Help us reach our goal of $3,632 to provide an accessible latrine to a school in Ethiopia.

A Real Need

no access toilet

360 million kids, moms and dads with disabilities live without an accessible toilet.

no education

Where there’s no toilet to use at school, kids with disabilities aren’t able to attend. No education likely leads to:

No education likely leads to further isolation and poor job choices.

no money

No access to education often means a mom or dad must stay home to care for their child with disabilities, dragging the whole family further into poverty.

A Real Solution


$3,632 will build one accessible school latrine stall


With an accessible latrine kids can go to school, play with their friends, and have a brighter future!

Help Build An Accessible Latrine

You can make a difference for children living in poverty with disability go to school.