How God used a Peach Tree

“My peach tree began as a peach pit in my compost. I dug it out and planted it in a pot. When it thrived, I planted it in the garden by my house 18 years ago. It is now 18 feet tall and wide, a big strong tree.

…this tree is extremely healthy and productive. Peach trees on the coast are usually affected by a fungus that in spring destroys their young leaves. It’s called “peach leaf curl”. It weakens the trees and limits their productivity. This tree is resistant to peach leaf curl…a really special blessing.

This year, it had a huge crop, more than 100 pounds. With help from my friend Ken, we picked the peaches and sold them to the local health food store and neighbours… the flavour of tree-ripened peaches is delicious.

So, they were enjoyed fresh, in pies and preserves by many people.”

Nancy sold her peaches and peach treats and made a total of $400. She then donated the money to Hope and Healing International to give sight to 10 people living in much poorer countries – moms, dads, grandparents who can now better care for and provide for their children and grandchildren,

“I am delighted to think of people who have so much need [who are] now able to see. What a blessing! Thank you and thanks be to God!”

Nancy Wigen, Hope and Healing International supporter from British Columbia
Hope and Healing International supporter