Everyday Moms,

Changing the World for Their Kids

In this inspiring podcast, noted speaker and Hope and Healing ambassador, Joanna la Fleur chats with moms, Jenna and Ashley, who are raising kids with disabilities in Canada. Hear about their obstacles and struggles, how they find strength through God, and what brings them joy as mothers.


Joanna La Fleur

Joanna la Fleur is a speaker, podcaster and TV cohost for See, Hear, Love. She became an ambassador for Hope and Healing International after hearing children’s stories and seeing the difference donors like you make in the lives of children living in poverty with disability. And she recognizes that praying for children is key in this work as well. She said, “We need to think of those we love as holistic people – not just physical, but also emotional and spiritual. Our prayers can do so much to provide courage, healing, comfort and love in ways that physical healing alone cannot.”

Ashley Vaughan

Ashley Vaughan lives in Vancouver, Canada with her husband and their three children: Venture, Sailor and Wilder. For fun she enjoys beach volleyball and lip-synching to rock music in the car. As a family, they love building community through hosting house concerts and block parties, camping and skiing. Ashley is also a worship leader at Trinity Central Church.

Jenna Liesch

Jenna is a Pastor’s wife, mom to four wild ones, one furry one and lives just outside Vancouver, BC. She can be found in the kitchen, volunteering in the NICU, writing about their circus-like life, or soaking up the sun wherever it’s hot!



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