Our Work

Hope and Healing International cares deeply that children
with impairments in the world’s poorest communities
live healthier, happier, longer lives.


We know, from evidence and experience, that too many of these children are dying, lonely, uneducated and abused. They are forgotten, again and again, by their communities, their governments, and too often by development organizations.

As Christians, we believe in the intrinsic value and God-given potential in every child.

Our programs are child and ability centred. We partner with children, families, communities and local governments to ensure more kids have healthy bodies, learning minds and resilient spirits.

Together with local partners, we support programming for child health, family income generation, ability-centred education and play, community engagement, as well as child empowerment and resiliency.

At Hope and Healing International, we have over 110 years of experience
developing proven community-based programs that help millions of people break
out of the poverty-disability cycle, allowing them to benefit from real, lasting change.