Information for Lawyers

Hope and Healing International
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Legal name:
Hope and Healing International

Charitable Registration Number:
10691 8329 RR0001

Information for Executors and Estate Trustees

Hope and Healing International’s Estate Administration Policy

Legal name: Hope and Healing International
Operating as: 
Hope and Healing International

The following is information Hope and Healing International requires from the Executor(s) in order to demonstrate to third-parties, such as its external auditor, that the full wishes of the deceased have been carried out according to their Last Will and Testament.

For a Specific Bequest:

  1. A copy of the Notice of Application for Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee with a Will or Letters Probate.
  2. A copy of the pertinent portion of the Will where Hope and Healing International is listed to receive the specific bequest.

For a Residual Bequest:

  1. A copy of the Notice of Application for Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee with a Will or Letters Probate.
  2. A copy of the entire Will.
  3. A copy of the List of Assets and their value at date of death.
  4. A copy of Executor’s interim and final accounting of receipts and disbursements for revenue accounts and capital accounts.

Hope and Healing International’s Process for Handling Requests by Excecutor(s) to Vary the Will:

  1. Hope and Healing International will ask for the request to vary the Will to be submitted by the Executor(s) in writing along with a copy of any background documentation that the Executor(s) may have.
  2. Hope and Healing International will forward the estate file to Hope and Healing International’s legal counsel who will review the file and advise Hope and Healing International on next steps.
  3. Hope and Healing International’s lawyer will communicate either directly to the Executor(s) or to the legal counsel for the estate.

Download PDF files

  1. Hope and Healing International’s Estate Administration Policy
  2. Responsibilities and Duties of the Estate Trustee

Legacy of Love

In Memory of Margaret Nikkel
April 9, 1918 – March 21, 2017
Sadly, Margaret passed away March 21, 2017 at the age of 98. We thank God for the compassion Margaret demonstrated during her lifetime and now through Margaret’s final gift that will be coming from her Estate to help people with blindness. Her legacy lives on.

Why did I put a gift in my Will to Hope and Healing International? Because my eyesight is so precious to me!

Margaret Nikkle

You see, I got trachoma when I was a child – from my Great-Aunt who came from Russia to stay with us for a while. She had trachoma, was highly infectious and unfortunately, I caught it from her. I remember the doctor having to regularly drain the pustules from under my eyelids. It was very messy and painful, and it was a miracle I didn’t lose my sight then.

Nine years ago, I developed a bad, extremely painful case of shingles that moved into my left eye and I lost my sight. I’m completely blind in that eye.

Since then, I’ve had cataract surgery on the other eye – my right eye. I thank God that it was successful and that I can still see out of one eye, but I know what it means to be half-blind. And, I can’t imagine what it would be like to be totally blind and live every day in poverty. I think of how difficult it must be for those people – and I want to leave a gift in my Will to help them.

Maybe my gift will save someone from going blind from trachoma. Or, maybe someone will see again through cataract surgery. And, if their sight can’t be restored at all, I want my gift to be used to help them learn how to earn a living, and be able to take care of themselves and their families.

A year after I lost the sight in my left eye, when I was having to use a walker to get around, an acquaintance came up to me at our local mall in Altona. She didn’t even greet me, but just very abruptly asked, “What have you got to be thankful for?”

I was shocked – I’ve no idea why she asked me that. But immediately, I said, “One hundred and one things!” And, I meant it! She never said another word – she just walked off. I can’t imagine whatever gave her that idea to be so rude. It’s true though – I have so much to be thankful for. If I couldn’t talk to God, I don’t know what I’d do. I’m sure I tell Him, ‘Thank You for the strength You give me,’ a hundred times a day.

I know God has watched over me all my life. I was born 6 weeks premature and only weighed two and a half pounds. I know that I’m a miracle.

I only got to finish grade 9 at school, and at age 15, I went to work in private homes as a housemaid. Several years later, I started work in the laundry department of a hospital in Altona. Within a year, I got training, and I ended up being in the very first graduate class of the Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) program in Manitoba. I worked as an LPN for 35 years and then took a department management course. When my career ended at the hospital, I was in charge of the laundry and housekeeping department.

Now, at age 95, I’ve been in a wheelchair for three years – I’ve no feeling left in my feet. But, I can still manage in my house with daily home help. I’m grateful for that. God has been my constant strength all these years.

I still keep busy. My hobby is to make bookmarks out of mesh plastic – with fine needlework embroidery. I’ve made over 200 of them – they are great souvenirs of our town and our church.

I enjoy being part of a care cell group at my Mennonite church here in Altona. And, I pray twice a day for Hope and Healing International – morning and evening.

I never got married and I only have one sister-in-law left. We’ve had 32 funerals in my family – all my six brothers and four sisters are already gone. I’m thankful that I still have nieces and nephews.

When I die, I want to leave a final gift to Hope and Healing International to help others keep their precious eyesight. I want to pass on God’s blessings – that’s why I’ve put a gift in my Will!”

Margaret Nikkel
Altona, Manitoba
Hope and Healing International Canada supporter since 1986