2.5 Million people impacted across Southern Africa

Your help is urgently needed

Barely a month after deadly Cyclone Idai swept away lives and homes, leaving hundreds of thousands of families without food and clean water – in Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe – another even stronger cyclone has smashed into the area.

As in any crisis, children and families with a disability are the most vulnerable.



Cyclone Kenneth has made landfall in northern Mozambique. This is just weeks after Cyclone Idai caused massive destruction in Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe, leaving hundreds of thousands of families without homes or crops.

On Thursday, hurricane force winds flattened homes. Rains and ocean swells caused more flooding in Mozambique. More rains are coming. In fact, almost twice as much rain is predicted as was dumped by Cyclone Idai. More rains. More floods. More deadly mudslides… in Mozambique and pushing into other countries in southeastern Africa.

Two cyclones in one season in this region is unprecedented.

Emergency workers, already rushing aid to desperate families, are bracing for the rain. They are saying this is the most destructive flooding in decades.

“This is a storm unlike anything I have seen before”

– Peter M.G. Ngomwa, MACOHA Director, Malawi

The Need

Our partners have identified more than 11,000 in desperate need of assistance.

Some of these people were left behind in emergency evacuations.

Many are having real difficulty accessing shelter and food distribution points.

Many have had their wheelchairs, medicines, crutches washed away.

Lucia’s story

Emmanuel has cerebral palsy. His mother, Lucia tells what it was like to live through Cyclone Idai:

On Thursday the wind started blowing. My house was shaking. Everyone was talking about the mystery sound the wind was making and asking what was making that sound. No one understood that such a storm would come.

On Friday the wind died down but the rain worsened. It was raining so hard the water was running across the ground and into the house. The house started rocking and so I decided I had to take the children outside into the rain.

I carried Emmanuel out on my back. When I put Emmanuel down, he was laying in the water and mud.

I held him as much as I could.

We were all wet and cold.  We stood in our yard in the rain for 4 or 5 hours, we were too afraid to go into any buildings.

When my house collapsed I could only stand and watch – there was nothing I could do. The children were frightened by the noise and kept asking what was happening. I tried to comfort them saying it is just the wind.

We heard the boulders come pounding down the hillside. Everything was shaking—there was so much noise as the large rocks came down. Whomp, whomp, whomp.

We huddled cold and wet and slept outside until the rain finally stopped.

Lucia’s house is four small rooms. One room has fully collapsed. The full front is buckled – without extensive repairs the whole front wall will collapse

Lucia and her family desperately need food and clean water. They need a wheelchair for Emmanuel. They need stable shelter. They need support to re-build their home and their life.

And they’re not alone.

The Plan

Phase One

Our local partners are working to provide life-saving aid – Food, Water, Shelter. The faster they can respond – the more lives we can save.

Phase Two

We will work with local health and hospital partners to treat injuries and disease in the aftermath of the Cyclone.

Phase Three:

Together with our community-based partners we will be there in the long term to help re-build lives – through rehabilitation and livelihood support.

*** Donated dollars will be multiplied X2 in value by Canadian hospitals and manufacturers donating “In Kind” medical goods and assistive devices.

How You Can Help


$50 will provide a child affected with disability life-saving food.

Save Lives Now
Clean Water

$100 will help provide clean water to a family – clean water doesn’t just provide relief, it will prevent disease and disability!

Save Lives Now
Help for a Family

$200 will help a family living with disability for the weeks and months ahead as they work to recover from Cyclone Idai.

Save Lives Now

Please pray for everyone affected by Cyclone Idai.

"I have come into the deep waters; the floods engulf me. I am worn out calling for help; my throat is parched. My eyes fail, looking for my God..."

– Psalm 69: 2b-3a (NIV)