Without treatment, his entire village will go blind.

Every dollar you donate will be matched to give $5 of sight-saving medicine to eliminate River Blindness.

“Everything is black”

Living with River Blindness

River Blindness threatens over 18 million people in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Together, we can stop it.


The sight-saving drug Ivermectin (Mectizan™) is donated free to Hope and Healing International by the pharmaceutical company Merck.


Your donation helps Hope and Healing International distribute the free medicine to communities in the DRC threatened by River Blindness.


The medicine stops the progress – and spread – of the disease, eradicating River Blindness forever.


River Blindness has destroyed countless lives. This is how:

River Blindness is an irreversible disease caused by a tiny worm and transmitted by black flies.

We can eliminate River Blindness in the DRC by 2025.

We’re working with the World Health Organization and a coalition of other non-profit organizations to eliminate River Blindness. Hope and Healing International has committed to distribute $237,000 to deliver Ivermectin (Mectizan™) in the DRC, where 18 million people are at risk.

We give every person in an infected community Ivermectin for 10-15 years. This ensures that no adult worms and larvae are left alive, and the disease is eliminated.

We are grateful to Merck & Co. for donating this sight-saving medicine at no cost, and to all the men and women who travel from community to community, distributing this miracle of sight. Your donation today will help pay for the distribution of this medication to infected villages. You’re also helping train our community workers and enabling them to get this medicine into the hands of those who need it.

Your gift of $60 will become $300 of this sight-saving medicine, saving 10 families from pain and blindness.