Surgery and physiotherapy that changes kids’ lives

With over 2 million children with disabilities living in Uganda, your healing hug is an answer to prayer for parents and kids who can’t afford medical treatment.

With 100 staff and many volunteers, our partner hospital located just outside Kampala gives kids with disabilities top notch care. Most of the disabilities we see are clubfoot, osteomyelitis, bowed legs, post-injection paralysis, cleft lip and palate and post burn contractures.

At our partner hospital, we provide surgery for kids who have a disability and ensure they receive physiotherapy and assistive devices, like braces and artificial limbs, to give them the tools and support they need for when they return home. And for kids who need a longer recovery time, they stay with their parents and caregivers at a hostel on the hospital grounds.

Working with the Parents

We know that caregivers are an important partner in each child’s rehabilitation and long-term health, so we help family members learn more about their child’s disability and potential. Our medical staff teach them how to do wound care and muscle-building exercises with their child. After these kids recover in the hospital, our local community-based rehabilitation program assists them in participating in their communities. It’s our goal to make sure kids receive the ongoing care they need so they’re set up to live a full and joyful life. A life where they can be kids again.

Wilson’s Story

Rayan’s Story