Give new life, hope and freedom from cataracts this Easter to a child like Hafsa

Give the Miracle of Sight

A Future for Hafsa

Hafsa had cataracts in both eyes

Hafsa had cataracts in both eyes. Childhood cataracts can lead to blindness if left untreated.

Even so close to her paper, Hafsa couldn’t see

Even so close to her paper, Hafsa couldn’t see. This is what cataracts do to a child. She needed a miracle.

Thanks to you, Hafsa received the miracle she needed

Thanks to supporters like you, Hafsa received the miracle she needed… a sight-restoring surgery!

Today, Hafsa can see everything clearly

Hafsa can now see her mother’s face. She can laugh and play and be safe in her own home.

Ntombi’s Story

Extremely Vulnerable

Extremely Vulnerable

Having cataracts is challenging for anyone. But for Ntombi, who lives alone, it also left her extremely vulnerable.

Blindness Steals Everything

Blindness Steals Everything

“When I saw just one person, my eyes saw four.”

Restoring Sight


But thanks to friends like you, Ntombi doesn’t feel helpless anymore.

Thank you

“I just thank God for what He’s done for me. Pray with me, that He’ll help others.”

Quick Facts


of all childhood blindness can be avoided by treating diseases early and correcting abnormalities at birth like cataracts and glaucoma.


of people who are visually impaired could recover good sight by accessing cataract surgery and glasses.


of global blindness is curable.

Hope and Healing International provided empowering, ability-restoring services to 614,382 children and families last year.

What causes cataracts?

  1.  Your eye lenses harden as you age. For millions of people in the world, their eye lenses eventually turn cloudy, blocking the light and making it hard to see (it’s like looking through wax paper).
  2.  Some babies are born with cataracts. These may be inherited or caused by a mother’s illness during pregnancy. If a child’s congenital cataracts are not removed by age 2 or 3, their brain never learns to interpret visual information and they lose the ability to see for life.
  3.  Cataracts caused by eye injuries can happen at any age. A traumatic cataract may form soon after an injury or months to years later.

Why does cataract surgery for a child cost $200?

Cataract surgery is more expensive for a child because the surgery is more difficult. It takes more time, as the cataract is softer and more prone to break apart. Also, a child is put under general anesthetic, which means an anesthesiologist needs to be involved. And the child stays overnight and is monitored closely to ensure there is no infection.