Today, you can give the miracle of sight to a child like Julius.

Your $39 will change a child’s life with sight.

Julius’ father wanted more for his son.

More than a lifetime of preventable blindness. 

When Julius turned two, his parents noticed that he started bumping into things.

As the cataracts on his eyes thickened, Julius could see less and less. The world around him became nothing more than shadows and blurry shapes.

Julius couldn’t see the loving faces of his parents, and he struggled to play with his siblings. School would likely never be an option for Julius. He couldn’t see the chalkboard or his books.

No school means difficulty finding a job in the future. And no job leads to deeper poverty.

Surgery could easily correct Julius’ blindness, but his parents just couldn’t afford the medical care he needed.

But YOU can help kids like Julius!

Just $39 will give the miracle of sight!

What an amazing gift to give a child. Today, you can show a child like Julius God’s love in action.

How Your Gift Will Give the Miracle of Sight

For $39, you can give a child like Julius the miracle of sight-saving care and treatment.

For some children, this involves screening and early preventative care – eye screenings, medicines and eye health education. Some kids need assistive devices, like powerful glasses, to allow them to use the limited sight they have.

Other children need surgery.

Just $39 is the average cost to give each child the care they need to see the world around them – including their mother’s smile and the lessons in their schoolbooks.

Please give a child the miracle of sight today. One gift, one act of loving kindness, one miracle at a time.

8,000 Miracles of Sight by World Sight Day on October 13. Together we can make it happen!