Today, a child like Shadhili is praying for a miracle. You can be that miracle.

The miracle of sight is a gift for life!

Give a Miracle

Shadhili Needed a Miracle

At just 4 years old, Shadhili had cataracts in both eyes. They were already getting in the way of his learning and play.

It was so hard for him to see, he was sent home from school until he could get treatment. “They say he can’t do anything until he can see better,” his mom explained. Instead, each day when his friends would leave for school, Shadhili would sadly call out to them, “Take me to school too!”

Without his vision, without education, without resources or neighbours who understand his potential, there’s very little hope for Shadhili.

But with your help, $39 can give a child like Shadhili the miracle of sight-saving care and treatment to entirely transform his life with sight. Your kindness will give a lifetime of seeing God’s beauty, being able to learn and make friends. What a spectacular gift to give!


Give The Miracle of Sight and Change a Child’s Life.


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How You Can Give the Miracle of Sight

For $39, you can give a child like Shadhili the miracle of sight-saving care and treatment.

Some children need early preventive care to save their sight — eye screenings, medicines, powerful glasses.

Other children, like Shadhili, need surgery. $39 will give each child all he needs to see the world around him, including his mother’s smile and the lessons in his schoolbooks.

Please give today and help meet our goal of making 7,000 Miracles of Sight happen by October 14.



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